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I always get asked whether I can mentor individuals but up until recently, I've always hesitated to do so in a formal/official capacity. Why? Cause I felt like and even now sometimes feel like I am not there yet (not married, no kids, not financially where i want to be)nor worthy to help others. I do believe sound counsel should come from someone credible. 


So where is there? There = that undefined place in that undefined point of time where you thought you would have achieved all your dreams!  Truth is it's taken me a long time to realise that "there" i.e. "here" is still an achievement and whilst my (and all of our) goal posts constantly move and my dreams/visions get bigger, I do need to take stock and realise with the little i've gained on this journey it may help someone else. It's taken me so long to come to realise that! 


I've also hesitated to mentor people as I've always felt like I am the one who needs to be mentored and never felt of age (!) /experience to mentor others. Sounds maaad right? For some reason I've always felt I am too young and inexperienced. I used my age to hold me back and then all of a sudden in the midst of using my age as an excuse I got old (er).   Truth is, its my ONE regret in life. I am now older than I thought I would be at this point (does that make sense?) .  Things just got real. One piece of advice....never use your age as an excuse. No matter how young or old you are!


Nonetheless, on my quest to find my own mentor, I've realised that it's not that I need someone to tell me exactly how to do something, it's more about finding someone who can help to hold me accountable to what i said i was going to do, can help me think more broadly or can challenge my thoughts or simply help me generate ideas. In fact I've often found that simply by just asking people to share their journey, just absorbing their energy or having a random conversation has planted seeds of thought, birthed ideas or helped me with a simple decision that I needed to make!

So.....with that said, I'm keen to mentor people, share my experience and help you to achieve more than I have / could dream of! 

I'm no pro but will mentor you for 6 months (or longer) where through monthly (phone) meetings and periodic face to face touchpoints I can help you to:

  • Become a side hustler

  • Define and be accountable to your goals

  • Think outside the box

  • Generate new ideas

With anything in life, things of value do cost and hence there is a fixed fee associated with the mentoring. With 60% paid upfront and 40% paid 1  month before the end. I will be selecting individuals only where I truly believe I can add value.

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