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Strategic advisory Services

I'm a Ghana-focused, market expansion strategist and side hustle coach

Are you considering expanding your business into the dynamic market of Ghana or investing in Property in Ghana?


With years of hands-on experience in starting and running successful businesses in Ghana, I offer comprehensive strategic advisory and consulting services tailored to guide your business towards success in this vibrant market

Why Choose My Services


  • In-Depth Local Expertise: Having built businesses, purchased properties and worked with local partners I have successfully navigated the intricacies of Ghana's business landscape for years. I possess invaluable insights into the market's unique nuances, cultural considerations, and regulatory requirements.


  • Extensive Network: My well-established network includes key institutions, professionals, regulators, gatekeepers, and media houses in Ghana. This network enables me to facilitate partnerships, collaborations, and connections that can significantly boost your market entry efforts.

  • Proven Track Record: My experience includes successfully raising startup funding in Ghana, providing me with a deep understanding of the local investment ecosystem and the avenues available to secure funding for your expansion endeavors.



Services Offered

Property Investment Concierge & Trusted Partner for Buying or Renting out Property in Ghana:​

  • Are you seeking a seamless and informed approach to purchasing properties in Ghana? Our Property Investment Concierge service offers comprehensive assistance, guiding you through the entire process. From identifying properties that match your criteria to connecting you with developers, lawyers, and landowners, we're here to handhold you at every step.

  • Our commitment is to be your partner in every aspect of your property investment journey. We combine local market knowledge, an extensive network, and a personalized approach to make your property purchase in Ghana a smooth and successful experience.

  1. Personalised Property Search

    We meticulously source properties that align with your preferences and investment goals, saving you time and effort.

  2. Exclusive Developer Connections

    Access our network of trusted developers, ensuring you have access to the finest property opportunities.

  3. Legal Guidance

    Collaborate with experienced legal professionals who specialize in Ghanaian real estate laws, ensuring a smooth transaction.

  4. Negotiation Expertise

    Benefit from our negotiation skills to secure favorable terms and pricing for your chosen property.

  5. Informed Decision-Making

    We provide you with comprehensive insights and data to make well-informed investment decisions.

  6. Coaching and Guidance

    Our expert guidance ensures you understand the intricacies of the process and feel confident every step of the way.

  7. Connection Facilitation

    Tap into our vast network to connect with relevant stakeholders, such as developers, lawyers, and landowners. ​

  8. Mortgage Options ​Gain an understanding of the mortgage market in Ghana, including current trends, rates, and eligibility criteria. Receive expert advice on mortgage options that align with your investment goals and financial capacity. Understand the impact of mortgage availability and rates on your property investment decisions.

Please Note: While I am not a regulated mortgage broker, I do partner with lenders and my advisory services are designed to provide you with valuable insights and strategic guidance to make informed decisions. 


Tailored Market Entry Strategies:

Crafting a market entry strategy that aligns with Ghana's unique market conditions is crucial. I develop customized strategies that resonate with the local audience and optimize your chances of success.


Partnership Facilitation:

Leveraging my extensive network, I assist in forming strategic partnerships with local entities that can enhance your business expansion and growth prospects.

Influencer Identification and Collaboration:

I help you identify and collaborate with influential figures in Ghana to elevate your brand and establish a strong market presence.

Regulatory Assistance:

Navigating regulatory requirements can be complex. I provide guidance to ensure your business obtains the necessary licenses and adheres to local regulations seamlessly.



Let's Collaborate 


Embark on your Ghanaian market expansion journey with confidence. I'm dedicated to guiding you through the complexities, leveraging my experience, network, and expertise to ensure a smooth and successful market entry. Let's work together to turn your expansion goals into reality.

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15 Mins Free Discovery Call

  • Establishing your existing business in Ghana

  • Provide feedback on Side Hustle

  • Buying Property in Ghana

  • How to secure a mortgage or finance in Ghana

Image by Oswald Elsaboath

Quick Consultation

  • 30-minute Advisory Session

  • Concise Advice on Specific Questions or Concerns

  • Quick Problem Solving

  • No Follow-up Email Support

Image by kojo nana

Basic Package

  • 2 x 1-hour Advisory Sessions

  • Initial Market Analysis

  • High-Level Strategy Overview

  • Email Support (1 follow-up email per session)

Image by Ifeoluwa A.

Premium Package

  • 6 x 1-hour Advisory Sessions

  • Comprehensive Market Analysis and Competitive Landscape

  • Tailored Market Entry Strategy with Milestones

  • Influencer Identification, Outreach, and Collaboration Strategy

  • Partnership Facilitation Assistance

  • Email and Phone Support (Unlimited follow-ups)

Modern House with a Pool

Property Investment Concierge - 6 month handholding

  • Coaching and Guidance ongoing expert guidance for 6 months so you can make an informed decision.

  • 1 hour monthly Advisory Sessions for 6 months and email support

  • Negotiation and investment strategy coaching 

  • Property Search (I'll present options to you for you to meet with developers)

  • Market Insights

  • Options to extend available

Image by nathaniel abadji

On Demand Hourly

  • Flexible 1-hour Advisory Sessions

  • Targeted Discussions as Needed

  • Quick Advice, Problem Solving, and Guidance

  • Email Support (1 follow-up email per session)

Image by Tobias Nii Kwatei Quartey

Growth Package

  • 4 x 1-hour Advisory Sessions

  • In-Depth Market Analysis

  • Customized Market Entry Strategy

  • Influencer Identification and Initial Outreach

  • Email Support (3 follow-up emails per session)

Image by Ifeoluwa A.

Executive Package

  • Weekly 1-hour Advisory Sessions

  • Continuous Market Analysis and Strategy Refinement

  • In-Depth Influencer Strategy and Collaboration Management

  • Personalized Partnership Facilitation and Negotiation

  • Funding Strategy and Investor Introduction

  • Email, Phone, and Priority Support (Unlimited)

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